Ms. Jenny Norris

Ms Jenny Norris

Ms Jenny Norris


Jenny has 20yrs experience as a podiatrist and 30yrs nursing experience, thus bringing a holistic approach to client patient care.

Podiatry Services include :

  • General foot & Nail care = nails cut, thick nails can be reduced, removal of callus & corns & ongoing management advise given.
  • Diabetes foot care, Assessment & Education
  • Vascular Assessment – Doppler/pulses
  • Foot Pain Assessment & Advise – some treatment devices are available to aid comfort or assist foot posture at an additional cost
  • Footwear Assessment & Advise
  • EPC Referral has an out of pocket fee of $15.00
  • Regular visit with no EPC is $65.00
  • DVA Referral no out of pocket fee
  • Fingernails filed and cut $15.00